Welcome to Real Hope for The Hungry

War, natural disaster, drought, famine, poverty, economic conditions, unemployment, underemployment…. there are so many causes of hunger and starvation. The fact is that starvation and hunger are facts. Every 6 seconds a child dies of starvation or hunger related causes. There are more hungry and starving people in the world than the combined populations of the US, Canada, and the European Union. Hunger is a fact here in our area as well. 1 in 5 children in the US deals with hunger on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for statistics to be impersonal, and to forget what those numbers really represent – real people and real needs.

Real Hope for the Hungry, a satellite of Kids Against Hungergives YOU an opportunity to be that person who ‘stands in the gap,’ and helps those in need!  We are a locally based volunteer organization dedicated to providing fully nutritious meals for the starving around the world, and for hungry families locally.  We’re excited to be here in Austin, MN, and hope that you would like to join us!

Please check our calendar for upcoming packs, and if you are interested in joining us please let us know.  You can either call us at 507-433-4489, or contact us at realhopeforthehungry@gmail.com.

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