Who We Are

Real Hope for the Hungry is a completely volunteer 501c3 non-profit humanitarian food aid organization. We are based in Austin Minnesota and since we are a satellite of Kids Against Hunger, we package their proprietary life-saving meals.  These meals give starving and hungry children and their families all the nutrients they need to survive and flourish.  Our international meals meet the standards of the World Health Organization for distribution overseas to the starving.   We also package domestic meals, which are intended to supplement the diet of those who are food insecure.  Both meals are completely vegetarian and are acceptable in any culture.

Each meal costs only 25 cents – the cost of a gumball!  We rely completely on the donations that we receive for the necessary supplies for the meals themselves and for other costs associated with the meals (ie. shipping, packaging, and operating costs).

Our volunteers are awesome!!  While the donations we receive pay for the supplies, it is our volunteers who do the assembling and packaging.  This is a fun and very satisfying activity that can be done by all ages.  We welcome volunteers from civic and service organizations, schools, faith groups, youth groups, scouts, FFA, 4H, families, as well any individual who wants to get involved.  Our volunteers ‘stand in the gap’ to help the starving and hungry, and make a huge difference in so many lives.

The packaged meals are supplied, free of charge, to local food shelves, to Channel One, and to trusted non-governmental organizations over-seas, to be distributed to the starving and hungry, without any regard to race, gender, religion or any other restriction.

Since its launch, Kids Against Hunger has provided over 200,000,000 meals for children and their families in more than 60 countries through the generous donations and efforts of hundreds of thousands of volunteers.