Where and How Our Meals Are Distributed 

Our meals are provided to the starving and hungry with no regard to race, gender, faith or any other restriction.  Our first priority, when providing food, is always to feed starving children and their families, the malnourished, and those dying of hunger-related diseases. The second priority is to provide meals for those who are classified as ‘hungry’ or ‘food insecure.’

You may see a partial list of organizations with which Kids Against Hunger has worked since 2011 when you visit Kids Against Hunger.

Meals packaged by Real Hope for the Hungry for international distribution are shipped through organizations such as Matter, GoServe Global, and Orphan Grain Train, which distribute our meals worldwide as needed. They work through reliable non-governmental organizations in the countries receiving the shipments. The aim is to make sure that the meals get to those who need them, and to keep them out of the hands of corrupt government agencies and criminals (black market).

Kids Against Hunger requires feeding partners to document how they distribute the meals and to provide testimonials and photos of the children who receive the meals, whenever they are able to do so.

Meals that are provided for domestic use are placed on local food shelves, distributed through Channel One in Rochester, MN, or through other agencies which aid the hungry and food insecure in the United States.